For you that means…

We work for community banks, that’s it. Our focus is on how community banks can get a valuation that is outsized relative to their peer group.

We work with Fintechs and help them drive value for community banks. We do this with an eye on helping the Fintech succeed by driving value for our community bank clients.

We know that the delta between an acceptable valuation and a great valuation for a community bank is Digital Innovation. We work tirelessly to ensure we are at the edge of innovation and never too far ahead of what is real for your bank today.

We work with your team to ensure we bridge the gap between today and what is possible.

Who we are

We are a group of former community bankers, Fintech leaders, investment bankers and digital innovators.

We came together to solve for the biggest issue in community banking, driving up valuation by modernizing the bank. That means the front office, middle office and back office.

We have direct or virtual connections in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. We operate on a global time scale to ensure there is no waiting for answers or updates.

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